I want my numpad back

A Developer’s Apple Wireless Setup

I’m a big fan of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Like a preferred IDE or bash profile, finding the right combination and configuration are part of what makes our work a joy. I’ve spent a lot of time getting …

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I need a helping hand

March 11, 15:30 PDT: 1/3 of my goal has been reached! March 12, 8:00 PDT: Just about 1/2 of my goal has been reached! Thank you! I like to help the www. I do this by sharing research, promoting other …

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Introducing <subhead>

Dear W3C You’ve been seeing <main> for a while now, and I’m happy for you. <main> will help screen readers and other assistive technologies understand where the main content begins. I figure that since you had already distinguished asides and …

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Thoughts on Media Queries for Elements

This post was inspired by my friend and co-creator of /static/jonathantneal/css/normalize.css, Nicolas Gallagher. We need native CSS media queries at the element/component/widget level, not just the viewport. Make it so, internetz. — @necolas So, without any fanfare, I want to …

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Understand the Favicon

When Alec Rust asked the HTML5 Boilerplate project to switch to a HiDPI favicon, I realized how little I knew about favorite icons, touch icons, and tile icons. When I decided to dive in a little deeper, things got interesting. …

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The HTML5 Invoice

One of my favorite developers to follow is Chris Coyier. His posts and tutorials at CSS-Tricks are a delight to read. Of his many innovations, one of my favorite is the handy, lightweight HTML Invoice. After using it myself, I …

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Stack and Panel Layouts

Simple Stacks and Panels

Layout frameworks should be simple, not complicated. The CSS and HTML source should be concise, yet compact. The selector chains should be shallow or non-existant. Naming conventions, clear and conformed. We should step back, relax, and consider how easy it …

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Faking the Future

Faking the Future

Ah, querySelector, the native answer to the best part of jQuery, or rather Sizzle.querySelector returns the first matching element descended from the element on which it is used. When used as querySelectorAll, it returns the entire list of matching descendant …

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IE Shiv

A Close Shiv

As some history books of the www read, I am more than a little obsessed with the legacy of HTML5, particularly with the legacy browsers. The fixation runs deep, and I find my lamentations becoming songs about Internet Explorer 6. Most of …

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Internet Explorer Reading Glasses

Polyfills and Prototypes

Polyfills are a welcome step forward for the www, allowing web developers to write their best code for today’s browsers without sacrificing the experience of those visitors still running the older stuff. A polyfill is code that fills in missing gaps …

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